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Enjoy and play your favorite games at a First Nations casino in Alberta. Find their locations and the information needed to enhance your visit.

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There are many interesting places to visit in Alberta for a First Nation cultural experience. You will find historical sites, museums, cultural and heritage centers, archaeology sites, libraries, national parks and monuments.

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Discover local First Nations and Bands of Alberta. Organizations and contact information is listed in this section.

The Aboriginal people, whose ancestors are thought to have crossed the Bering Sea from Asia thousands of years ago, were the first people to live in what is now Alberta. The Blackfoot, Blood, Piegan, Cree, Gros Ventre, Sarcee, Kootenay, Beaver and Slavey peoples, speaking a variety of Athapaskan and Algonquian languages, were the sole inhabitants of what was then a vast wilderness territory.

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