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Nunavut First Nations and Marijuana

Nunavut Cannabis Legislation

Nunavut is currently developing a framework for new marijuana legislation.

  • The federal government has set the minimum age to buy and use cannabis at 18. However, Nunavut will determine if the age will be raised. Legal drinking age is 19.
  • Smoking rules in public will developed.
  • Restrictions on driving impaired or posing cannabis while in a car will be established
  • Making a campaign for public awareness education
  • Setting standards for retail sales
  • Providing education on the effects of cannabis on young people and their brains
  • Information on the laws for retailing and what amount people can buy will be released after Canada Day 2018

Source: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/north/nunavut-legal-marijuana-1.4089253

Cannabis Opportunities for Nunavut First Nations

Information is pending and will be posted here as it becomes available.