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Arkansas Casinos

No Indian Casinos in Arkansas

There is no Indian gaming in Arkansas.

Arkansas State-Licensed Racinos

Arkansas has two racinos (race track and casino). One has dog racing and the other horse racing.

Oaklawn Racing & Gaming (info)
2705 Central Avenue
Hot Springs National Park, AR 71901
(501) 623-4411

Southland Park Gaming & Racing (info)
1550 Ingram Boulevard
West Memphis, AR 72301
870 735-3670

News Archive

September 19, 2016

Lawsuit Asked to be Dropped by Pro Arkansas Casino Group

A lawsuit to stop the ballot measure that would allow for casinos has been filed. The lawsuit wants the election officials to be blocked from counting the measure's votes.

Arkansas Wins in 2016, the group in support of the measure, has asked the Arkansas Supreme Court to dismiss it.

Opponents to the measure feel that the wording used is misleading. They also believe that the law was not followed when it came to reporting paid canvassers.

However, Arkansas Wins in 2016 believes that their opponents have not provided information on how the proposed casino bill would adversely affect them.

September 17, 2016

AR Casino Bill Supported by Cherokee Nation

The proposed casino ballot has gotten support from Cherokee Nation Businesses. $400,000 has been given to help fund the support for the measure.

On Thursday a report for the campaign financing was released. Arkansas Winning Initiative Inc., was given the money.

If the measure is approved a constitutional amendment would allow for the development of casinos in Washington, Boone, and Miller counties.

Cherokee Nation Businesses has expressed interest in operating the casino that would be located in Washington County.

$1 million was given by the tribe in June in support of the measure. In August a $100,000 loan was also given by Marc Williams of Branson, Missouri.

Operators of the two race tracks in the state have given over $100,00 to help stop the measure from being approved.


September 14, 2016

Arkansas Casino Bill Pushes Forward

Voters will decide this November if new casinos should be built in the state. The ballot measure, Issue 5, would allow for casinos in three areas. Those areas are Harrison, Texarkana, and Fayetteville.

Arkansas Wins in 2016 is the group behind the proposed bill. The group believes that the casinos would bring more tourism, create new jobs, and the revenue could be taxed. It is estimated that the casino tax money could earn Arkansas tens of millions each year.

The Family Council opposes the measure. The group believes that the casinos would hurt the local host communities and that casinos would not be under the control of the government.

Under the proposed measure, the governor would form an Arkansas Gaming Commission. The commission would regulate and enforce the gaming laws of the state.

If Issue 5 is voter approved, a state constitutional amendment would be needed.


September 06, 2016

Arkansas Casino Measure Could be Blocked by Lawsuit

On Tuesday the Arkansas Supreme Court was asked to stop the proposed casino measure from being added to November's ballot. The measure would allow for the legalization of casinos and allowing them to be built in three counties.

The lawsuit wants officials prevented from counting votes for the measure. The group behind the lawsuit is The Committee to Protect Arkansas’ Values/Stop Casinos Now.

Miller, Washington, and Boone counties are the proposed locations for the casinos.

The language used in the proposed measure's title is believed to be misleading according to the people against the measure. They believe that potential consequences of the casinos are not clear for the voters.

Arkansas Wins in 2016 is behind the measure. The group believes that they will win against the lawsuit.


September 01, 2016

Issue 5 Casino Ballot Measure Approved for November Vote

Enough signatures have been submitted to let voters decide in November if they will approve three new casinos in the state.

Issue 5 is the ballot that would make an amendment to the Arkansas state constitution.

Arkansas Wins in 2016 is the group behind that proposed measure.

Cherokee Nation Entertainment has agreed to help in the development in a casino resort in Washington County.

Arkansas Secretary of State Mark Martin’s office has verified over 100,000 signatures to approve the addition of the measure to November's ballot. The minimum amount of signatures need is 84,859.

August 17, 2016

50,000 More Signatures Submitted for AR Casino Measure

50,000 more signatures have been submitted in support of a proposed ballot measure that would allow for three casinos to be developed. The measure would amendment of the state's constitution to allow for the new casinos.

The signatures were submitted by the group, Arkansas Wins.

The casinos would be built in Boone, Miller, and Washington counties. Cherokee Nation Entertainment has agreed to operate the Washington County casino.

Voters in Arkansas have not favored casino proposals in the past. However, a lottery and bingo for charity was approved by voters in 2008.


July 27, 2016

AR Casino Ballot Measure Given More Time

More time to collect signatures in support for casinos in Arkansas has been granted.

Miller, Boone, and Washington counties are the proposed areas for the casinos.

A constitutional amendment would be needed for casinos to be developed in the state.

Arkansas Wins in 2016 is the organization behind the proposed November ballot measure.

63,725 signatures have been collected. That is 75% of the required total signatures of 84,859 needed. It was this reason that the extension was granted by the Secretary of State. The final signatures need to be collected and submitted by August 26.

Cherokee Nation Entertainment has agreed to operate the Washington County casino location if the measure is approved by voters.

July 08, 2016

Signatures Submitted for Arkansas Casino Measure

Signatures have been submitted by a group that is pushing for a November ballot measure that would allow for three counties in Arkansas to build casinos.

Over 92,000 signatures were turned in my the group Arkansas Wins in 2016. The law requires a minimum of 84,859 signatures.

The proposed measure would call for an amendment to be made to the state constitution. It would allow for casinos in Washington, Boone, and Miller counties.

It was announced last month that Cherokee Nation Entertainment has expressed interest in being the operator for the Washington County casino.

June 24,2016

Cherokee Nation Entertainment to Run Proposed Washington Casino

Three counties in Arkansas could be allowed to develop casinos in a measure is approved by voters this November. Of those casinos, Cherokee Nation Entertainment has agreed to be the operator of one in Washington County.

A committee has formed to support the measure. If approved, the state's constitution would need an amendment.

Cherokee Nation Entertainment has agreed to operate the hotel and entertainment center in addition to the casino.

Currently the company operates and owns nine casinos in Oklahoma. There is a tenth location that is being built now in Grove.

Land trust status will not be sought by the company.

Miller and Boone counties are the proposed locations for the other casinos.

June 03, 2016

Three News Casinos Proposed for Arkansas