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South Carolina Tribes in the Cannabis Industry

Marijuana is 100% Illegal in South Carolina

Cannabis is illegal for recreational and medical purposes with the exception of low-THC CBD oil for children with severe epilepsy. Industrial hemp cultivation became legal in 2017, but is limited to 50 licenses and 50 acres each.

News Headlines

News U.S. Farm Bill Legalizes Hemp December 13, 2018 - Congress has passed a new farm bill which includes the federal legalization of industrial hemp. Hemp is now classified as an agricultural product and legal to produce, distribute and sell. ... Read more

South Carolina's Federally-Recognized Tribes

There is one federally-recognized tribe in South Carolina, the Catawba Indian Nation. The DOJ marijuana policy on tribal reservations applies to this South Carolina tribe. the Catawba Indian Nation is federally recognized as sovereign by the Bureau of Indian Affairs in the U.S. Interior Department.

For a complete list of South Carolina tribes and their locations, see our page about South Carolina Tribes.

Cannabis Opportunities for South Carolina Tribes

South Carolina tribes recognize the challenges and business opportunities of the cannabis industry, but have not announced their interests or business plans.

With no federally-recognized tribes, there are no cannabis opportunities for American Indian tribes in South Carolina.